It’s refreshing to be a part of a company like Ullico that respects the history of Labor and is dedicated to its future.
-- Mary Beckwith
Premium Billing Coordinator
Employee since 1988
What I appreciate the most is our workplace excitement—each day presents me with a variety of challenges and topics which engage me and keep me on my toes.
-- Marcelle Tagliaferri
Associate General Counsel
Employee since 2001
I am fortunate to be constantly challenged by new and exciting opportunities which have allowed me to grow both professionally and personally.
-- Stephanie Whalen
Vice President, Operations
Employee since 1998
As a two-time Ullico employee, I learned that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Ullico offers the best benefits package I’ve been provided in my 30 years of work experience.
-- Joel Kantziper
Director, Accounting Financial Reporting
Employee since 2009
I feel fortunate to work with such talented and passionate people. The Ullico team has some of the best professionals in the industry with a special mission to help American workers.
-- Mae Palmer
Marketing Manager
Employee since 2008
It’s important to work for a company that is family oriented and offers opportunity for growth.
-- Felicia Murray
Sr. Claims Stop Loss Examiner
Employee since 2010
Working for Ullico is like working for your family; the company wants to make sure you are successful. Ullico provides every opportunity to nurture your career and grow as a professional.
-- Marc Zinsmeister
AVP, IT Operations
Employee since 2007