Our Difference

Ensuring union dollars work for members, not against them.

Our mission is to protect and help grow the North American labor movement with world-class insurance and investment products for union members, union leaders and union benefit funds.

Our Results, Our Values

  • Historic Success

    For nearly a century, our insurance products have served millions of working people. Our investment products deliver competitive risk-adjusted returns.

  • Pro-Worker

    Our investment products help create good union jobs. Our insurance products are tailored for unions, their leaders, signatory employers and members.

  • A Good Citizen

    Socially responsible investing is core to our investment philosophy. Employment diversity is crucial to our success. Our charitable giving defends unions and supports the disadvantaged.


Union-Backed Infrastructure Investments Change the Game

“The reason Ullico got into infrastructure is that we think that there is a broader role for labor and union contractors to play in the world by not only building these types of investments and operating them but investing in them and really being part of and driving that community-based solution.”

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Giving Back

Our Impact

13.4 million

J for Jobs generated union work hours [2]

$5.7 million

Dividends paid to healthcare funds

$9.5 billion

Investment Services AUM


Unions and benefit plans covered

No. 1

Equity partner in U.S.'s largest PPP


2022 return on equity [1]

[1] 2022 Annual Report

[2] Economic Impact: Direct union impact figures provided by an economic impact study performed by Pinnacle Economics through input-output analysis utilizing IMPLAN modeling software. The study was performed using estimated project costs and union prevailing wage data from state departments of labor as provided by Ullico Investment Advisors, Inc. Jobs, Hours of Work and FTE figures reflect totals over the life of the project. All construction impacts are temporary in nature, and unfold as construction spending unfolds. This is an illustration of the projected economic impact of selected commercial real estate projects. All projections assume the completion of the relevant construction project which can depend on several factors including borrowers meeting all lending obligations. Projections are based on overall project costs which include the participation of Separate Account J.