Service Providers, Access to Data, and Excessive Costs: What Can Health Plans Do to Mitigate the Risk of Liability?

Plan sponsors and fiduciaries have rightfully grown concerned about the risk of liability if their plan has overpaid for the healthcare enrollees have received.


Commission Disclosure and Reporting Requirements for Fiduciary Liability Insurance Sold to ERISA-Covered Plans (Q&As for Brokers)

A new law went into effect at the end of 2021 that will require brokers who provide insurance brokerage services to ERISA-covered group health plans to make advance disclosures of commissions they earn to their ERISA-group health plan customers.


Opening the Dialogue: Vendor Communication Can Help Contain Health Care Costs

Open communication among health fund vendors may help reduce waste and improve financial outcomes for plans.


Insurance Protection for Union Leaders Who Are Accused of Dishonesty or Wrongdoing

Title V of the Landrum Griffin Act, also known as the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA) generally provides that it is against public policy to relieve union officers of liability for certain breaches of duty, such as personal profit, fraud, conflict of interest, anti-trust, or racketeering allegations. Thus, labor leaders can be personally…

Success Story

Union-Backed Infrastructure Investments Change the Game

Once again, infrastructure investment is in the news, and for good reason. The United States is behind much of the world when it comes to public funding of new construction, upgrades, and investment. It has been this way for so long that private investors have stepped in to help fill the gap.


COVID-19 and Disability Discrimination Lawsuits Are Producing Professional Liability Claims

Right now, our clients are grappling with when and how to safely resume normal day-to-day activities after more than a year of restrictions due to COVID-19. They are making policies about social distancing, about masking, about whether to require employees to get vaccinations, and other decisions related to workplace conditions. However, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission…


Financial Services Company Shifts to a Proactive Approach Towards Data Risk Management

Like many financial service companies, Ullico’s subsidiaries handle a high volume of sensitive customer data, including Protected Health Information (PHI). To protect customers, the company monitors its IT systems for both inadvertent data exposures and unauthorized attempts to access data. But the company’s data management tools and processes created an overwhelming number of alerts—including many…


Cost Containment Strategies for Union Benefit Plans

Protect your health and welfare funds from catastrophic claims. The rising cost of health care puts union trustees and fund administrators in a delicate position. On one hand, union members have come to enjoy the benefits of self-funded plans. On the other hand, self-funded plans face unique challenges. Because the union takes on the financial…


Preventing and Insuring Data Breaches

Ullico Executives Tina Fletcher and Marc Zinsmeister recently spoke to the IBEW-NECA on “Preventing & Insuring Data Breaches.” Below is a summary highlighting key points from their talk. Data breaches are no joke. They can cause interruptions in your operations, result in direct financial losses, jeopardize your reputation, and lead to costly lawsuits. Cyber insurance…