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Oct 14

Insurance Protection for Union Leaders Who Are Accused of Dishonesty or Wrongdoing: Individual Labor Leader Frequently Asked Questions
The Union Liability policy provides two parts of coverage -- the primary policy provides limits of liability up to $5 million and covers the four broad exposures unions and their leaders face

Sep 03

Union-Backed Infrastructure Investments Change the Game
Once again, infrastructure investment is in the news, and for good reason. The United States is behind much of the world when it comes to public funding of new construction, upgrades, and investment.

Aug 12

COVID-19 and Disability Discrimination Lawsuits Are Producing Professional Liability Claims
We've recently noticed an uptick in professional liability claims that are directly related to disability discrimination lawsuits.

Jul 20

Financial Services Company Shifts to a Proactive Approach towards Data Risk Management
To protect customers, the company monitors its IT systems for both inadvertent data exposures and unauthorized attempts to access data.

Mar 15

City of Firsts: Rialto Approves Wastewater Microgrid P3
The Rialto City Council voted unanimously to proceed with the design and construction of a renewable energy generating and storage facility at the city's wastewater treatment plant

Mar 03

Cost Containment Strategies for Union Benefit Plans
Strategies to protect your health and welfare funds from catastrophic claims.

Feb 08

Preventing and Insuring Data Breaches
Data breaches can cause interruptions in your operations, result in direct financial losses, jeopardize your reputation, and lead to costly lawsuits.

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