Value creation and sustainable investing are complementary goals. We believe environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles are integral to building resilient businesses that deliver long-term value for our investors and stakeholders. Accordingly, we pursue opportunities that aim to protect and grow our investment portfolio and contribute to the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the communities in which we operate.

We have identified the following focus areas to guide our actions:

  • Job Creation

    We are committed to creation of quality and family-sustaining jobs. We seek attractive development and green-field projects that provide opportunities in line with this objective.

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    We actively engage in low carbon and energy transition businesses and continue to build and foster relationships with industry leaders. We continue to screen an ever-increasing opportunity set in this space.

  • Operational Impact on Environment

    We actively monitor the environmental impact of our companies. Environmental impact assessment is a key component of our investment process and asset management.

  • Diversity and Culture

    We believe that diversity in our team and governance through board representation provides benefits that improve our overall performance and promote a sustainable and healthy culture.

  • Health and Safety

    We aim to uphold the highest standards of health and safety in the workplaces of our businesses.

  • Governance

    We engage with our stakeholders and the communities we operate in with the objective of being a long-term partner and delivering infrastructure solutions to solve critical problems