With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the rising cost of health care, Stop Loss insurance has become even more valuable in protecting a self-funded plan’s assets by covering costs of eligible claims in excess of the plan’s pre-determined financial tolerance (Specific and/or Aggregate Deductible). It may include coverage for the plan’s benefit offerings, including any or all of the following: Medical; Prescription Drugs; Dental; Vision; etc. Our skilled team aims to provide reliable service and excellent ongoing customer support. Funds should be able to depend on their insurance carrier and we at Ullico strive to provide that trust on every level.

Cost Containment Strategies

Ullico understands the challenges that self-funded health care plans face in today’s ever changing health care market. It is our goal to assist our policyholders with various Cost Containment options. We have partnered with some of today’s leading professionals to assist our policyholders in managing high cost and complicated claims.

Required Forms



  1. Policy applications are released 2 weeks after our Underwriter and Sales team approve the case. Your Regional Account Manager should be able to provide you with status updates.

  2. New Policies: Policies are issued and delivered to you immediately upon receipt of the signed Application and Plan Document Confirmation form.

    Renewing Policies: If there were changes to the prior year’s policy, we will release the current year’s policy upon receipt of the signed application and plan document confirmation form. If there are no changes to the prior year’s policy, the policy document previously issued will remain in effect upon receipt of the signed application and plan document confirmation.

    You may request a copy of your policy at any time by contacting groupinstallations@ullico.com

  3. Depending on the carrier of your policy, Stop Loss premium payments should be sent to the following:

    The Union Labor Life Insurance Company
    PO Box 223772
    Pittsburgh, PA 15251-2772

    Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company
    16132 Collections Center Drive
    Chicago, IL 60693

    Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company of New York
    62883 Collections Center Drive
    Chicago, IL 60693

    For additional information, please send inquiries to groupinstallations@ullico.com

  4. Stop Loss Insurance mitigates the financial risk of a self-funded plan.

  5. I get a huge discount from my PPO network. Is that good enough a strategy to contain my plan’s costs?
    Although PPO networks will allow the plan to get health care at a reduced cost, compared to what it would have paid in the absence of a network discount through pre-negotiated rates for its members, there are various other strategies to contain the plan’s costs. Please visit our Cost Containment page for more details.

  6. You have different options of submitting your claims:

    • Via our website
    • Via encrypted email to: StopLossClaims@ullico.com
    • Via Fax to: (202) 682-6920
    • Via mail to:

      Stop Loss Department
      The Union Labor Life Insurance Company
      8403 Colesville Road
      Silver Spring, MD 20910

  7. We will send you an Acknowledgement letter within 72 hours of receipt of your claim. In the event that you do not receive an Acknowledgement letter, please contact us immediately.

  8. We can either send you a check or wire the money directly to your bank account. Please contact your Regional Account Manager for more details.

  9. The policy allows you to submit a claim within a year after the end of the benefit period.

  10. Deductibles, copays and coinsurance do not apply toward the Aggregate and/or Specific deductibles.

  11. Specific Claim reimbursements to the plan do not apply towards the Aggregate Deductible.

  12. Although we try to mimic the benefits under the SPD, some expenses may not be eligible under the Stop Loss policy. We encourage you to review the policy and compare it to your SPD. For assistance, please contact your Regional Account Manager.

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