Residents of Hawaii recently affected by the Maui wildfires may be eligible for a temporary suspension of their premium payment to allow continuing insurance coverage. Policyholders who live in the affected areas will be given a 90 day extension to pay required premiums.

Collector Car Insurance

Protect your collector vehicle and enjoy the ride

When it comes to protecting collector vehicles, standard auto insurance doesn’t cut it. Your special vehicle requires special coverage.

Ullico is proud to partner with Hagerty to offer their best-in-class insurance at the lowest price possible. Hagerty is passionate about keeping classic and collector cars on the road and people behind the wheel.

Coverage Highlights

Our policies include

  • Guaranteed Value® coverage to insure your classic’s real value *
  • Claims handling by collector car experts
  • Flexible usage to fully enjoy your vehicle
  • Collision and theft coverage

*Guaranteed Value includes all taxes and fees unless prohibited by state law.