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Daniel R. Adler

Senior Portfolio Manager, UIA Investment Management


Daniel R. Adler is Senior Portfolio Manager and Director of UIA Investment Management, LLC.  In this role, Mr. Adler analyzes, trades, and manages fixed-income securities and portfolios.  Prior to joining UIA-IM, Mr. Adler served as the Director of Securitized Assets and Senior Portfolio Manager for the Agency MBS strategy at Amundi Smith Breeden.  In managing mortgage-benchmarked accounts for central banks and sovereign entities, he has delivered MBS and CMBS presentations at seminars including the Bank for International Settlements and the Commercial Mortgage Securities Association.  As a former Director of Research, Mr. Adler was involved in the development of the firm’s library of mortgage analytics.  Prior to joining the investment management industry in 1993, he was a software developer at IBM.  Mr. Adler holds a Master’s of Science in Statistics and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, with University Honors from Carnegie Mellon University.