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A Heritage that Began with the Labor Movement

Labor leaders formed The Union Labor Life Insurance Company to provide financial security to the movement’s members and their families. At the time, life insurance was simply not available to union workers. They could spend a lifetime providing for their families and see the fruits of their effort wiped away in an instant. Union Labor Life provided a new level of stability for workers, increasing the standard of living for millions of Americans.

From the start, union leaders recognized the organization as a new foundation of strength for their members. Samuel Gompers, the first and longest-serving president of the American Federation of Labor, saw the value in a labor-owned insurance company. Matthew Woll, president of the Photo Engravers Union, became our company’s first president. Today, a new generation of labor leaders sits on our board and helps guide the company into a new century of successful service to the movement and its members.

A Future that Brings Stability to Financial Services

In times of economic upheaval, Ullico has been a steady hand that focuses on labor’s needs. Over the years, we’ve responded to those needs and developed the products to fill them. When the labor market found itself without viable solutions for life and health insurance, workers’ compensation, fiduciary and union liability insurance and investment products, Ullico stepped in to fill the void.

After more than 85 years, Ullico brings a renewed sense of purpose and financial responsibility to our mission. We see broad opportunities for growth that will further enhance the financial security and stability of unions, union members and their families. Our insights into the labor market make Ullico uniquely prepared to meet the financial needs of unions today and in the decades to come. Combine that expertise with our in-depth product knowledge and you’ll quickly see that no other company comes close to serving labor like Ullico.

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