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Celebrate Labor Day with a Complimentary Coloring Book

With much of the union workforce stuck at home, America's only labor-owned insurance and investment company has taken to social media with a downloadable coloring book focused on union construction workers and the labor movement's mission.

"Working families have enough to worry about in these times," said Ullico CEO Edward Smith. "A lot of us are stuck at home and keeping the kids occupied can be tough. What better way to help do that than with a coloring book that teaches the power of unions in building our nation and working together to solve problems?"

The coloring book can be downloaded for free at www.ullico.com/coloringbook. A hard copy can also be requested by emailing communications@ullico.com. The company will be highlighting completed pages which are posted to social media with the tag #ColorMeUllico. To date, more than 1,000 copies of the coloring book have been downloaded.

Smith said the book is particularly helpful now, but will also serve a purpose in the future. "It's important that our country's young people understand how crucial workers' unions have been, and continue to be, in building – and rebuilding – the world's largest middle class. Today the idea of workers becoming the masters of their economic fates is more important than ever."

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