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Ullico's New Partnership Delivers Personalized Health Care to Union Members

Earlier this year, Ullico Benefit Solutions announced an agreement to collaborate with Marathon Health to provide near-site and on-site health centers to union members and their families. Depending on the union's needs, these health centers provide exclusive or near-exclusive access, such that members do not compete with the general population for doctors' appointments. Moreover, they spend virtually no time in a waiting room, and their interactions with physicians are unhurried and personal.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has only amplified the need for unions to take a proactive approach to their members' health care," said Ullico President and CEO Edward M. Smith. "Union members work all sorts of jobs, some of them quite dangerous. They should have access to primary care physicians who understand the risks they take, the needs they have, and the approaches to treatment that will be most beneficial."

A Good Match for the Union Market

Since the initiative launched, union leaders around the country have reached out with questions and RFPs: What is Ullico's role in the partnership? How did Ullico choose to work with Marathon Health? How does this unique model work?

As a labor-owned company, it is Ullico's mission to protect union members and their families. As part of that mission, the company saw an opportunity to play a more significant role in the delivery of health care to union members.

After reviewing potential partners, Ullico found a natural fit with Marathon Health, which operates clinics across nearly 40 states for various clients, including unions, school districts, and city and county governments. Marathon Health can build out, furnish and equip a dedicated facility for the health plan, one that members and their families will feel comfortable visiting because it's located in a geographically convenient location easily accessible by the plan participants. Furthermore, Marathon Health works with the health plan to recruit physicians and medical staff, and supervise operations. This model ensures the delivery of high-quality primary care, drives engagement and promotes the long-term health of members and their families by providing a concierge level of attention.

"Labor leaders recognize that improving the health of union members and their families requires more than a health insurance plan. With Ullico Benefit Solutions, we provide a powerful tool to help unions solve some of the critical healthcare issues they are facing," said Eric Schrumpf, Executive Vice President at Marathon Health. "By providing high-quality, affordable healthcare to union members, we expect to improve the financial stability of the health and welfare funds at the same time."

As a partner, Ullico Benefit Solutions ensures that the perspectives of multiemployer health and welfare plans are represented in Marathon Health's unique platform for providing primary and preventive care.

The Benefits of Personalized Health Care

Access, affordability and high quality are keystones of the care delivered by Marathon Health. This model of care embraces a population health management approach that meets a broad range of health needs for union members and their families, including primary and preventive care, chronic condition management, health assessments and coaching, behavioral health, and physical therapy.

"The clinic setting is a better model for delivering primary care to union members. When members need a doctor, they will have an expedited experience in a resource dedicated just to them," said Brian J. Hale, President of Ullico Benefit Solutions. "Health and welfare funds benefit by promoting meaningful relationships between primary care physicians and members and their families, which will lead to better health outcomes. Because a key feature of the model is convenience, the clinics are located close to where members work and live."

To learn more or request a proposal, contact Brian Hale

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