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Union Funds Earn Dividends on Stop Loss Insurance

The Union Labor Life Insurance Company (Union Labor Life) has issued over $4,000,000 in policy dividends in 2018* to health & welfare fund clients participating in one of the International Union Group Medical Stop Loss Programs. Since inception, Union Labor Life has paid over $12,700,000 in policyholder dividends through these programs.

As an experienced stop loss carrier, that has offered group medical stop loss insurance for over 35 years, Union Labor Life understands the unique needs of self-funded plans. The company works in partnership with our policyholders to help manage large claim costs. In addition to our claims and cost containment services, policyholders benefit from the company's group program approach.

Policyholders participating in one of our International Union Group Medical Stop Loss Programs have the opportunity to receive annual premium volume dividends based on their specific International Union’s aggregate program size. With favorable policy and/or program overall experience, policyholders may also be eligible to receive claims experience dividends. Policies in these programs are underwritten and issued by Union Labor Life.

The first of these programs began in 2012 with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Union Labor Life has grown these dividend programs and currently provides group medical stop loss dividend programs to 7 international unions. Union Labor Life is proud that these programs build on our mission to give back to Labor.

*as of 10/24/18


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