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Preventing Employment Claims

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In the 30 years that Ullico Casualty Group, Inc. has been providing insurance for the Union workplace, the team has developed integral insight into not only claim mitigation but also pre-claim risk management. UCG's experts understand the risks that unions and multiemployer funds face every day and offer sound advice, and they are also building an online resource center so insureds may take control of their own loss prevention.

Ullico Resource Center for Organized Labor, powered by Enquiron, will improve upon employment related risk management services for Ullico Casualty Group insureds. In 2017, every Union Liability policyholder will have access to an employee handbook builder, legal advice, and online training, all free of charge. Through these services, policyholders may take active roles in preventing unnecessary lawsuits.

Two claims experts offer some insight on the importance of risk management. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," Director of Claims Dominic Vari said. "There need to be written policies in place that are updated regularly and acknowledged by the employees." A key element of risk management is to make sure that the contractual agreement between employer and employee is sound. Vari believes the most important written policy issue is "a failure to document deficient performance by an employee before terminating him or her. There should be a paper trail by the management of the union and the employee’s supervisor that warns the employee of performance issues and offers to help the employee improve his or her performance before termination."

Termination templates, along with other important written materials such as sample job descriptions and workplace notices, are available in Ullico Resource Center, as many insureds have neither a Human Resources department nor in-house counsel to create these valuable tools.

Another Ullico expert, Laverne Wingfield, Director of Claims, offers insight that "there is a direct link or correlation between employment claims and the economy. When the economy tanked in 2009, the number of claims increased significantly."

Wingfield added, "Some unions aren’t aware of some actions that they might need to take to be proactive, like getting a good lawyer. It’s important that all managers and supervisors receive some sort of annual, consistent training." Wingfield emphasized the importance of a sound anti-discrimination culture that starts with the highest level personnel so that the whole workplace follows the same fair-minded practices. Online training for managers is also available on the Ullico Resource Center, so insureds may utilize training tools to remain in compliant with state mandates and beneficial practices.

The use of termination templates and online training provides great documented evidence that managers follow best practices in employment related decisions, and therefore place managers in a better position if they face an employment practices lawsuit, such as an accusation of unfair termination. Legal advice and written policies may even prevent costly, lengthy litigation in the first place.

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