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Union Retirees Get New Healthcare Option

Union Labor Life and Labor First partner on a private exchange

For almost 90 years, The Union Labor Life Insurance Company (“Union Labor Life”) has been uniquely positioned as a labor-owned multi-line insurance company serving the labor industry. As large numbers of union members move towards retirement, they may wonder about the future of their healthcare coverage. In response, Union Labor Life has announced a sales and marketing relationship with Labor First, a leader in servicing the union retiree marketplace, to provide long-term financial solutions for the future of our retired members’ healthcare.

Labor First, a dedicated, full-service retiree benefits manager founded in 2005, has a proprietary advocacy exchange platform that helps union benefit plans transition from maintaining post-retirement health coverage without diminishing the high-touch group benefit atmosphere retirees are accustomed to. Union Labor Life and Labor First seek to protect our union members’ post-retirement health benefits by providing to union benefit plans a retiree-only health exchange platform specializing in the delivery of Medicare benefits, administrative support, and member and disability advocacy to union benefit plans.

“Our mission is to provide solutions for the union workplace and union members,” said Daniel Wolak, president of Union Labor Life. “The Labor First program is a great solution for retirees age 65 and over, and complements our Private Exchange platform, which is designed for union members under age 65 who are either early retired, not yet eligible for coverage, or in need of additional supplemental insurance.”

With this new relationship, union members entering retirement are given access to individual health and prescription drug plans through an online platform that combines the best of both health advocacy and administrative technology. This eliminates the fear that many union benefit plan trustees have when considering moving Medicare participants to a private exchange—that retired members will no longer be a part of the union group and that the fund will no longer provide their benefits.

“Retirees deserve a marketplace to choose and manage their own coverage on their own terms,” said John Dulczak, chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Labor First.

Union Labor Life’s diverse array of longstanding and trusted relationships with multiemployer groups, together with Labor First’s exceptional member satisfaction and client retention rate, create a working relationship that helps provide the continuous health coverage our union members have worked so hard for.

If you would like more information about union-sponsored retiree healthcare options, please contact: Larry Paradise, Vice President, Sales 630.743.4252 or lparadis@ullico.com

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