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We Salute American Workers!

Have a Great Labor Day.

Hard-working professionals built the fabric of this nation. As a labor-owned company, Ullico’s heritage began with the labor movement. We’re proud to be your partner in rebuilding communities and creating jobs.

After more than 85 years, Ullico brings a renewed sense of purpose and financial responsibility to our mission. We will continue to be a steady hand that focuses on labor’s needs. From insurance products to investments, you can count on the Ullico Inc. family of companies to protect and advance the labor movement.

  • Sept. 05, 1882: About 10,000 workers paraded in New York City in celebration of labor. Soon, cities across the country were holding similar events.
  • June 29, 1894: President Grover Cleveland signs a bill declaring the first Monday in September as “Labor Day,” paying tribute to the social and economic achievements of American workers.
  • 158.5 Million: The number of people age 16 and over in the nation’s labor force as of May 2016.
  • 3,216,460: The number of combined food preparation and serving workers, one of the largest occupations in America.
  • 16.4 Million: The number of wage and salary workers age 16 and over represented by a union in 2015. This group included both union members (14.8 million) and workers who reported no union affiliation but whose jobs were covered by a union contract (1.6 million).
  • New York: The state with the highest union membership rate (24.7 percent).
  • South Carolina: The state with the lowest union membership rate (2.1 percent).

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