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Ullico Partners with GHT to Simplify Blood Glucose Testing for Diabetics

Ullico Inc. announced a partnership with Genesis Health Technologies, LLC (GHT) to simplify blood glucose testing for diabetics.

GHT, a provider of health monitoring solutions, reports that most people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes do not test their blood glucose levels as often as recommended by the American Diabetes Association.

Their signature product, the GHT Blood Glucose Meter, is a monitoring device designed to provide results through a friendly user-interface. After providing a small blood sample, patients see the results on the device screen. The results are also uploaded to a secure, online web portal called the MyGHR System, where the data is stored to the patient's account.

Through Ullico's partnership with GHT, health and welfare funds can offer GHT's Blood Glucose Meter and portal as a benefit. Both the GHT Blood Glucose Meter and the MyGHR System are FDA-cleared.

"Funds that offer access to the meter may see an immediate cost savings on the price of test strips and/or the elimination of waste from unused strips," said Nathan Cross, CEO of Genesis Health Technologies, LLC . "There are also potential long-term savings, by reducing on-site accidents and hospitalizations."

The MyGHR systems also eliminates the need for traditional paper logbooks. Now, patients, healthcare professionals, and insurance providers will have the ability to monitor trends and testing frequency through customized reporting tools.

"This tool gives health and welfare funds the information they need to deliver better outcomes more efficiently to union members," said Ed Smith, president and CEO of Ullico Inc.

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