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Welcome to Our New Clients

We are proud to welcome our newest clients, who joined Ullico in the first quarter. We thank you sincerely for your business and look forward to a prosperous partnership.

401 (K) Savings Plan of Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 400 and Mechanical Contractors Association of North Central Wisconsin
AGC - International Union of Operating Engineers Local 701
Alaska Electrical Health And Welfare Fund
Allied Workers Local Union #48 Benevolent Fund
Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union Local 13G AFL-CIO
Berkeley Police Pension Fund
Boilermakers-Blacksmith National Pension Trust
Boston Pipefitters Union Local #537 Pension Fund
Bricklayers Insurance and Welfare Fund
Building Construction Trades & Construction, AFL-CIO
Carpenters Health & Welfare Trust Funds of St. Louis
Central Laborers' Pension Fund
Chattanooga Plumbers & Steamfitters Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee
Chicago Federation of Labor and Industrial Labor Council Employees' Trust Fund
City of Fulton
Connecticut Pipe Trades Health Fund
Construction Industry and Laborers Defined Contribution Pension Plan
Construction Workers Pension Trust Fund of Lake County Indiana and Vicinity
Des Moines Electrical Apprenticeship Training Trust
Elburn Police Pension Fund
Electrical Technology Academy of Central Pennsylvania
Electrical Workers' Pension Trust Fund of Local Union No 58, IBEW
IBEW Local No. 58 Annuity Fund
Electrical Workers Insurance Fund
Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Fund of the Electrical Industry
IBEW Local No. 58 Sound and Communications Division Pension Fund
IBEW Local No. 58 Apprenticeship and Journeyman Training Trust Fund
Electrical Workers Joint Board of Trustees Vacation Fund
Electricians' Salary Deferred Plan of Local No. 1 IBEW
Employers and Operating Engineers Local 520 Health and Welfare Fund
Gulf Coast Pipe Trades Training Trust Fund
Hamden Professional Firefighters Local 2687
Hanover Park Firefighters Pension Fund
Hartford Electricians Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee
IBEW Local No. 100 Pension Trust Fund
Illinois Laborers and Contractors Training Trust Fund
Indiana State Council of Roofers Health and Welfare Fund
Inland Pension Fund
International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Employee Health Care (IBBEHC)
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 607
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 99
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 363
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 40
International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local No 4 Pension Fund
International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local No. 5 Pension Plan
New Jersey BAC Annuity Fund
New Jersey BAC Health Fund
Iron Workers Local 37
Iron Workers Local 395 Annuity Fund
IUOE National Training Fund
IUPAT Local 300
Laborers Local No 322 Health Care Plan
Laborers Pension Trust Fund for Northern California - Annuity Plan
Local 26 Educational Development Trust
Local No. 1 IBEW Pension Benefit Trust Fund
Local Union No. 9 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Mahoning & Trumbull County Building Trades Insurance Fund
Martinez Police Officers Association
Martinez POA Fundraiser Account
Martinez POA PAC Account
Paul Strarzyk Memorial Fund Tarantino-Starzyk Scholarship Fund
Miami Beach Fraternal Order of Police Health Trust Fund
Minnesota & North Dakota Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Pension Fund
Montana State Sheet Metal Workers Joint Apprenticeship and Training
NECA-IBEW Pension Trust Fund
New Jersey B.A.C.Health Fund
Northwest Sheet Metal Workers Pension Trust
Operating Engineers and Participating Employers Pre Apprentice Apprentice and Journeyman Affirmative Action Training Trust Fund
Oregon and Southern Idaho Laborers Employers Cooperation and Education Trust
Part Time Faculty Association at Columbia College Chicago
Pipe Fitters Local Union No. 211 Welfare Trust Fund
Pipefitters Local 537 NEMCA Labor Management Cooperation Trust
Plano Police Pension Fund
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 104 Health & Welfare Plan
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 142 Welfare Fund
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 344 Health & Welfare Trus Fund
Plumbers & Steamfitters Local #475
Plumbers and Pipefitters Local No. 219 Health and Welfare Fund
Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 589
Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 73 Joint Journeymen and Apprentice Training Fund
Police Benevolent Association Local 165
Retail Bakers Pension Trust Fund of St Louis
Retail Store Employees Health and Welfare Trust
Rochester Area Construction & Material Teamsters Health & Welfare Fund
Rolling Meadows Firefighters' Pension Fund
Rolling Meadows Police Pension Fund
Roofers & Waterproofers Local 44 Pension Fund
Roofers Local No 2 Supplemental Pension Plan
Roofers' Unions Welfare Trust Fund
Saginaw Plumbing and Steamfitting Supervisors Training Trust
San Diego County Theatrical Pension Plan
San Diego Theatrical Group Insurance Trust Health and Welfare Fund
Seattle Area Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry Health & Welfare Fund
Seattle Fire Fighters Health Care Plan
SEIU Michigan Health and Welfare Fund
Sheet Metal Workers Local 80 Joint Apprenticeship Plan
Sheet Metal Workers Local 98 Health & Welfare Fund
Sheet Metal Workers No 54 Apprenticeship Fund
Houston Area Sheet Metal Joint Apprenticeship Committee
Sheet Metal Local No 196 College Fund
Southern California IBEW-NECA Pension Plan
Southern California Pipe Trades Health & Welfare Fund
Southern Nevada Building & Construction Trades Council
Southwestern Illinois Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Trust Fund
Spring Grove Police Pension Fund
Tarrytown Police Benevolent Association
Teamsters Chauffeurs Warehousemen and Helpers Local Union No 542
Teamsters Local 1150
Teamsters Local 2010
Teamsters Local 401
Teamsters Local 456
Teamsters Local 538
Transport Workers Union of America Local 514
UA Local 816 Pension Fund
United Association of Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union No. 168
United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America Wharf and Dock Builders and Pile Drivers Local 454 Job Recovery and M J Douley Scholarship Fund
United Union of Roofers and Waterproofers Research and Education Joint Trust Fund
Village of Shorewood Police Pension Fund
Western Oklahoma Electrical JATC
Western Washington Painters Defined Contribution Pension Plan
Wichita Falls Joint Electrical Apprentice Training Committee

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