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What is Ullico Marketplace?

It's a fully customizable online marketplace to offer benefits to your union members. Members compare, choose and enroll in benefits from your union branded Marketplace.

Ullico Marketplace offers access to health and supplemental insurance, including major medical plans, available both "on" and "off" the public healthcare exchanges.


Major Medical

  • Access health insurance on public exchanges
  • ACA subsidy calculator tool
  • Access multi-carrier health insurance market
  • Choose from a variety of ACA compliant plans

Dental & Vision

Offers insurance plans and services for union members and/or family members for:

  • Dental
  • Vision

Supplemental Insurance

To help protect union members from significant
out-of-pocket medical costs or to round out benefit coverage, union members and their families may
apply for supplemental health coverage:

  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Hospital Indemnity Insurance
  • Short Term Disability Insurance

Short Term Medical

Short-term plans are designed to fulfill a temporary need:

  • Gap in plan eligibility
  • Change in employment
  • Pre-Medicare

While these plans are not ACA compliant, they may give additional benefits or coverage not included
in an existing major medical plan.

Note: Short-term health insurance plans have limited benefits. Individuals without an ACA compliant plan may be subject to a tax penalty.

Mortgage & Auto Loans

The lending services program provides savings for union members for these types of loans:

  • Mortgage Purchase & Refinance
  • Auto Purchase & Refinance

These lending services are provided by a select group of lenders that are held to the highest standards of customer service as they work with union members. Finance your home or auto today.

A one-stop shop with ACA compliant health plans
for early retirees and non-eligible plan members.

Access to public exchanges
for subsidy eligible members.

Supplemental and voluntary benefits
to minimize coverage gaps and/or reduce out-of-pocket costs.

Customizable benefit options
to fit your union members' unique insurance needs.

Online and telephonic enrollment assistance from licensed agents
to guide your members in the enrollment process, assist in calculating potential premium subsidies and compare benefit options.

Your Union Group's logo and pictures appear on the Marketplace's home page.

A dedicated toll-free phone number customizes greetings and scripts.

Customizable home page with space for messaging and highlighting available non-health insurance products, services and discounts.

Members can be offered healthcare insurance or not, at your direction.

Member summary benefit statements display with your union logo.

Robust Marketplace platform integrates insurance premium contributions, if offered.

Union health & welfare plans offer excellent benefits and provide members peace-of-mind about paying medical bills. However, out-of-pocket costs may occur due to gaps in coverage.

Your union's Ullico Marketplace gives members access to supplemental coverage, including dental and vision. Through the private exchange, unions offer early retirees, members with insufficient hours or non-covered spouses the opportunity to obtain major medical coverage, with or without an exchange subsidy, or short- term medical plans from multiple healthcare insurance providers. Retired members over the age of 65 may choose a Medicare Supplement plan.

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To establish your union's Ullico Marketplace, complete the Ullico Marketplace Builder today.

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