Ullico | Core Fixed-Income Strategy

Core Fixed-Income Strategy


  • Invests in the full range of investment grade spread sectors (i.e., Agency MBS, Corporate Credit, CMBS, and ABS)
  • Style focuses on sector rotation and security selection, while minimizing macro-factor risks
  • Generally duration-neutral to the benchmark
  • Seeks to generate superior risk-adjusted returns relative to the client's preferred bond market benchmark

Performance Objective

Outperform the Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Index (or comparable) by 50-100 basis points net of fees over a full market cycle, and target an Information Ratio of 0.5 or better.

Investment Goals

  • Capture attractive returns offered by a well-diversified investment grade fixed-income portfolio
  • Add value primarily through sector and security selection, and focus on delivering a superior return per unit of risk

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