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Hospital Expense Protection for Members

Many health insurance plans don’t cover all expenses in the event the insured is hospitalized.  There are often gaps between the benefits the insured receives and the total cost of the hospital stay that may leave the insured with unpaid deductibles, co-payments and other unexpected charges.  To protect members and their families against the hardships of these out-of-pocket expenses, Union Labor Life offers  a Hospital Daily Benefits Plan and Hospital Accident Care Plan.  Plans include a Strike Waiver of Premium benefit.* 

Hospital Daily Benefits Plan

  • Offers a choice of daily benefit amounts and pays for every day of confinement in a hospital, skilled nursing facility, intensive care unit or licensed home health care for a covered injury or sickness
  • No limit to the number of covered hospitalizations, hospital days or to the lifetime coverage amount collected

Hospital Accident Care Plan

  • Pays in the event the insured is injured due to a covered  accident
  • Benefit can double if the insured and the insured spouse are confined at the same time for the same accident
  • Includes extra benefits for intensive care, doctor visits, emergency room visits and ambulance transport

* May not be available in all states. Please contact us for details.

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