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Fiduciary and Union Liability Claims

Fiduciary and Union Liability Claims Fiduciaries and Union Leaders rely on Ullico Casualty Group to manage their claims because we have over thirty years of experience navigating the complex and evolving risks they face every day. While other insurance providers may use general claims adjusters for these products, our claims professionals are market leaders who specialize in Professional Liability for the Union workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fiduciary and Union Liability policyholders are encouraged to report all notices of claim directly to their broker of record. Reporting notices of claim directly to the broker ensures that the broker has a record of all claims made against your Policy.

Your broker of record will report the notices of claim to us by *Email, by Mail, or by Fax.

By Email: professionalclaims@ullico.com

By Mail: Attn: Laverne Wingfield, Assistant Vice President Ullico Casualty Group 8403 Colesville Road Silver Spring, MD 20904

By Fax: Attn: Laverne Wingfield, Assistant Vice President 202-962-8853

To help expedite notifying us of a loss, please provide the following information if available:

  • Policy number
  • Description of facts involved
  • Relevant documentation
  • Contact information for legal counsel representing the insured

Cyber Liability and Commercial Lines policyholders should follow reporting details on their policy forms.

Yes, under Policy Section IX. D. Claim means:

  1. A written demand for monetary damages;

  2. A civil proceeding commenced by the service of a complaint or similar pleading; or

  3. A formal administrative or regulatory investigation or proceeding commenced by the filing of a notice of charges, formal investigative order or similar document with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)or a similar federal, state or local organization

    against an Insured for a Wrongful Act, Wrongful Offense or Wrongful Employment Practice, including any appeal therefrom.

    Claim does not mean or include the grievance and arbitration process under the terms of a collective bargaining agreement or any internal Union or affiliated union proceeding of any nature.

Union Liability Policy

Unless modified by Policy Endorsement, the Policy requires that notices of claim be reported to Ullico Casualty Group "within the earlier of ninety (90) days after such Claim is first made against the Insured or b) by the end of the Policy Period, the Automatic Reporting Period or the Extended Reporting Period (whichever is applicable)."

Fiduciary Liability Policy

Unless modified by Policy Endorsement, the Fiduciary Liability Policy requires that notices of claim be reported to Ullico Casualty Group as soon as practicable.

Within 24-48 business hours after receiving the notice of claim, we will issue a Claim Acknowledgement Letter to the individual(s) who reported it. The Letter includes the assigned claim number and contact information for the claims person handling the claim.

As soon as practicable, we will review the notice of claim and Policy and render a letter outlining our coverage position to whomever the Policyholder designates as the contact person(s).

Generally, no. Both the Fiduciary Liability and Union Liability Policies grant the Policyholder the right to select legal counsel without the use of a preauthorized list of attorneys, pending Ullico Casualty Group approval.

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