Cyber Liability Insurance

Benefit trust funds and unions perform important duties by striving to provide the best benefits and conditions they can obtain for working men and women. In carrying out these duties, trust funds and unions have access to the personal information, such as social security numbers and home addresses, of their participants and members. States have varying mandates if this data is lost or stolen. It can be expensive and difficult to determine what each state requires, and these requirements may include notifying potentially affected individuals, regulators, and the press.

Ullico Casualty Group, LLC has partnered with a strong Cyber Liability insurance provider to offer first and third party coverages. The first party coverages act as risk management tools when navigating the complex and evolving landscape of state laws.

Coverage highlights include:

  • Privacy liability
  • Breach notification with data breach counsel and data breach network of experts, including credit monitoring services
  • Multimedia liability coverage
  • Cyber threats and extortions
  • System damage and business interruption
  • Regulatory actions coverage for civil regulatory actions, expenses related to information requests, compensatory awards, and regulatory penalties and fines to the extent permitted by law
  • PCI fines
  • Limits range from $250,000 to $2M with higher limits available upon request
  • Proprietary rates and form with Barbican, a Lloyd’s of London syndicate
  • Full prior acts coverage

Request Cyber Indication

Unions, multiemployer and governmental benefit funds, and joint apprenticeship training committees (JATCs) may request an indication for Cyber Liability insurance.

Please complete this form and a representative will contact you.

Disclaimer: Whether and to what extent a particular loss is covered depends on the facts and circumstances of the loss and the terms and conditions of the policy or policies as issued. No warranties or representations of any kind are made to any party except as provided in the issued policy or policies. The information provided on this site is descriptive only and does not constitute a part of, or endorsement to, the policies.

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