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Ullico Casualty Group, LLC is the risk solutions provider for labor and offers Professional Liability to protect multiemployer and public benefit funds, unions and joint apprenticeship training committees (JATCs).

Fiduciary Liability Insurance

Trustees and other fiduciaries of multiemployer and public benefit funds face significant personal liability. For over twenty-five years, fiduciaries have relied on Ullico Casualty Group, LLC because we understand how to protect them. Our Fiduciary Liability experts update our insurance coverages as liabilities evolve and know how to resolve fiduciary claims to protect the personal assets of our policyholders. [More]

Union Liability Insurance

Under some States and Federal Law, officers and directors of labor unions can be exposed to personal liability but must defend themselves, in certain circumstances, at their own expense. We have customized insurance coverage that allows them to confidently perform their jobs without worrying about personal exposure. Our Union Liability policy covers the duty of fair representation, employment practices liability, financial management of the union and personal injury liability. Our Individual Labor Leader endorsement provides defense cost protection to safeguard the personal assets of union officials when unions are prevented from indemnifying them. An additional benefit is our JATC endorsement which provides educator’s liability coverage. [More]

Non-Profit Labor and Management Liability Insurance

Unions and union employers frequently manage non-profit organizations such as joint apprenticeship training committees (JATCs) and labor management coordinating committees (LMCCs) to better serve their industries. However, managing these non-profits comes with significant risk. Leaders may be held personally liable, and non-profits may face budgetary concerns when responding to expensive lawsuits. Our Non-Profit Labor and Management Liability (NPL) insurance policy helps protect these important organizations and their leaders. The NPL form is a customized Claims Made Director's & Officer's policy, covering the entity and its officers, trustees, and employees for defense costs, settlements, and judgments arising out of lawsuits and wrongful act allegations. [More]

Commercial Lines Insurance

Ullico Casualty Group, LLC offers specially designed commercial lines products for union halls, trust fund officers, joint apprenticeship training committees and other union-related entities. As a wholesale provider that understand Labor’s heritage, we partner with A rated carriers to meet the Property and Casualty needs of today’s union workplace. [More]

Cyber Liability Insurance

Benefit trust funds and unions perform important duties by striving to provide the best benefits and conditions they can obtain for working men and women. In carrying out these duties, trust funds and unions have access to the personal information, such as social security numbers and home addresses, of their participants and members. States have varying mandates if this data is lost or stolen. It can be expensive and difficult to determine what each state requires, and these requirements may include notifying potentially affected individuals, regulators, and the press. [More]

Construction Risk Services

Ullico Casualty Group, LLC and NFP collaborate to offer best in class construction insurance and bonding programs and resources tailored to the need of developers and contractors. [More]

Ullico Casualty Group, LLC is a subsidiary of Ullico Inc., the holding company. Ullico Casualty Group, LLC: In CA, Ullico Insurance Agency, LLC Lic# OE16939; in NY, Ullico Casualty Agency. Products may not be available in all states.

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