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How Ullico is here to help!

During these unprecedented times, we are confronted with many challenges beyond the usual collecting of premium, paying claims and investing assets on behalf of our clients. Nonetheless, Ullico is fully operational and fulfilling the important role we play in our affinity marketplace.

The health and welfare of our employees and customers is of the utmost importance. As a precautionary step, we have requested that staff only come to their offices to complete jobs that cannot be done remotely. We've asked that they only remain in the office physically for the time it takes to complete those tasks and to follow applicable health guidelines about safe interaction with others while at the workplace.

For that reason, a significant amount of our employees are working remotely at this time. We have adapted quickly and continue to provide reliable, open access to the products and services that our customers require.

Frequently Asked Questions

Effective immediately, Union Labor Life will extend the period of claim submissions and premium payments.

Union Labor Life will extend time to submit claims for benefit payments for 90 days from the date they would otherwise be due. Customers are encouraged to contact us at 1-866-795-0680 or email us at lifeclaims@ullico.com with any questions about the extension for submission of claims.

Union Labor Life will extend and follow state guidance on late premium payments. Customers are encouraged to contact us at 888-222-8573.

No, AD&D does not cover diseases or illnesses. Deaths due to COVID-19 is excluded. In addition, all deaths with the cause of disease (s) or illnesses are also excluded.

  • Union Labor Life understands that Plans may revise normal eligibility rules as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.
    In order for our Company to accept such changes to the Plan's eligibility rules, we will need to receive a formal Plan amendment which describes the changes to the eligibility rules, including the effective date and applicable time period covered by the changes.
  • If a formal Plan amendment cannot be provided, then we will need a written description of the changes to the eligibility rules from an authorized representative of the policyholder.
  • Once the Plan amendment or written description is received by our Company, then we will review to determine if the proposed changes to the eligibility rules can be accepted under our policy.
  • Once our determination is made, then we will provide a written response to the policyholder and document our files.

Just as we have lead in the servicing of the Health and Welfare groups for over 92 years, we will continue to operate and lead as your Union owned company servicing our working men and women across the country.

We are here for YOU! We thank you for your continued support and loyalty during these times!

Larry Paradise
Vice President of Sales
The Union Labor Life Insurance Company

8403 Colesville Road,
Silver Spring, MD 20910

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